Rs.2,650.00 Rs.5,000.00
Set of:


ADJUSTABLE to any Finger Size

COMFORTABLE for Every Woman

REUSABLE Anytime,Anywhere.

Why Divinity Nail Rings?
Wudu holds deep spiritual significance in Islam, requiring physical cleanliness before prayers. Traditional nail polish, however, poses a challenge, creating a barrier against water. Divinity Nail Rings elegantly solve this, allowing for press-on nails that can be swiftly removed and reattached, aligning with ablution requirements without compromising style.

Elevate Your Style, Guilt-Free
Crafted for comfort and versatility, Divinity Nail Rings come in sets of 10, enabling endless style swaps. They're a blessing for those juggling work norms, crafting hobbies, or religious duties, offering a polished look while maintaining spiritual integrity.

Features at a Glance:

Glue-Free Application: Secure your press-ons without adhesive.
Adjustable Fit: Customizable for any finger size, ensuring comfort and security.
Seamless Style Transition: Effortlessly swap styles to match your mood or occasion.
Diverse Designs: From minimalist to ornate, find rings that reflect your personality or faith.
Material Matters: Available in stainless steel, silver, and alloy, each ring promises durability and style. Select from simple bands to intricate designs, some even featuring gemstone accents for that extra sparkle.

How They Work: Simply attach your chosen nail to the ring with a glue sticker. Before wudu, remove the ring, complete your ablutions, and then reattach, ready for prayer. It's convenience, redefined.

Beyond Convenience: Divinity Nail Rings symbolize the harmonious blend of faith and fashion. They're a testament to the belief that religious adherence and personal expression can coexist, beautifully.

Join the Movement: Embrace the innovation that Divinity Nail Rings bring to your beauty routine and spiritual life. It's more than an accessory; it's a statement of faith, fashion, and freedom.

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